chain evasive

by the imaginary lines

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the imaginary lines - "chain evasive" - released 12.29.09 © ice vii music


released December 29, 2009

© ice vii music



all rights reserved


the imaginary lines Webster, Massachusetts

the imaginary lines is an American alternative/progressive project founded in May of 2009 by Scott Belmore in Webster, Massachusetts. As its songwriter, instrumentalist, producer and singer, Belmore is the only official member of the imaginary lines and remains solely responsible for its direction.

the imaginary lines has been on an extended hiatus from writing and recording since 2011.
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Track Name: black veil ablaze
there's a phantom in the sky that whispers secret paradigms
you've been listening for so long
up above the trees suspended somewhere in between
is a traveler hanging on
just as afraid as you are

let your soul become a beacon
for a safe and welcome landing
here on the earth for a friend

stumbling on the ground and hearing unfamiliar sounds
our gravity is new to you
and all the people here seem so strange but stranger we're so much the same
because i feel homesick too
just as afraid as you are

the veil that surrounds you
and the fires all around you
are more than just stars in the sky
let them guide you
Track Name: turn down the terror
“don't be afraid
'cause it's all just a crazy dream.”

i wish you could make me believe
but i think you should leave
before they hear what you're saying to me

how long will these
circles and sirens keeping haunting me?

why don't you ask the machine from
it's casket and see
what it means to be alive and free

we're lost in the sound
of a terrified frequency
they scream it out loud
but today we're not listening

“it's just a game you can play
or you can walk away.”

it's the way it has to be
and will always be
and if i run
they might kill me

why are you insisting
on twisting everything I know?

just take some time
to lose your mind a little while
and smile before it's time to go
Track Name: a ghost in the doorway
for a ghost in the doorway
a mask upon your face
and for the devil that's on your shoulder
you can't erase

keep freezing it won't be long
we'll wait patiently and play along

the shadow laughing in the corner that you still
keep with you while you run
and the song by the lake for a grey mistake
as you're coming undone

but you're wrong
and you're burying yourself alive
in a grave that you made to lay in and survive

you're the fool who almost saved the world
you're the fool who almost gave the world away

to a place so dead a place so black
a place so cold a place that wants you right here

judecca in broad daylight
inside and out
keep listening
your mind
your safety
your center
lies open
pinned to the table
for dissection
and nothing can stop them
there's nothing that you can do

it stares in and smiles
when it knows you're alone
Track Name: dead sea dreaming
the sea that you found in a dream you had so long ago
where waves crash like static on a shore made of stone
a grey sky so heavy makes it hard just to move
and trees stand like soldiers with something to prove

they know you by name
and they recognize your face
they scare you to death
but you stay in this place
hands around your neck and you barely can breathe
but the weight in your heart's much too heavy to leave

dream and run

rain falls like nails in your head but you know
the song from the creature that's sleeping below
a paralyzing melody inviting the storm
with a blanket of ashes to keep your ghost warm
Track Name: harmonia linea
thirty two light minutes waving goodbye
they gaze from the ocean at cracks the sky
passing by

deep in the water a kingdom remains
watching ganymede fly by like a bird on a chain
fly away

they don't know us
they don't know fear
they will live on
as we disappear

the ocean we
see in our dreams
can't believe in us
or hear our screams

glowing so far below crystalline fields
their spirits sing harmonies never revealed
to be real

sometimes in their nightmares are visions of a bright
and spiritless black and blue dead satellite
then it's gone

you've been gone so long now it's time to return
come home soon
Track Name: the violet light
sometimes the eyes that you watch the world through aren't the same
as the ones you believed the day before
and the wolves are on to you and they won't forget your name
you can give everything but they still want more

you left a light on
before you knew you were gone
a quiet spark to always shine
and bring you back to the starting line

no one else can change your mind
and no one else can make you find
a light
Track Name: eclipse and rewind
are they calling out to you?
and do they sympathize?
are they reaching out to you?
and see through your disguise?

i know they try
to help you get by
they light up your eyes
telling you your favorite lies

“we're gonna help you change the world.
we're gonna help you get the girl.
just trust in us first.”
they said from beneath the earth
they sang from beneath the earth

please don't you just fade away
into a moment that you can never
rewind and change

it's the nightmare you chase
and the look on your face
when you realize
it's you who built this place

in the halls of the dead
candles dance in your head
you can you leave
but you sleep and drown instead

in the room that you're in
serpents dance in your skin
your killer waits for you
and smiles from within you
Track Name: rain in ellesmere
you ran away and you
brought the rain with you
to a desert up north
i couldn't hear you
say goodbye

i was much too busy hanging around playing dead
with a million devils right here in my head
i guess i never know how to let them go
enough to let you get through
i lost you

but i'm listening now
am i missing out?

reaching up and burning down
that house to the ground
there's a peace of mind
over the last line you drew
i lost you

but i'm listening now
am i missing out?
Track Name: you are
another day in the fire and you're still cold
whispering through wires is getting old
it feels like something's about to break
and you just can't fall asleep now until the world's awake

the fear you love it has you frozen but don't be sad
it doesn't matter that you chose it it hurts so bad
you always burn every bridge you cross
there's no wrong way and no right way to be lost

lose a fight and take a scar
a day will come it's not that far
you'll be glad to be exactly who you are

you'll be ok i promise don't fall apart
you've got friend that's been beside you from the start
sometimes you learn from a bridge you cross
there's no wrong way and no right way to be lost

lose a fight and take a scar
a day will come it's not that far
you'll be glad to be exactly who you are
Track Name: house of the grey lion
defending the house from the table
strong enough and able
to send all the demons
back where they came

from the machine that you
run in your dreams
and a spirit is chasing
a chain so evasive
again and again

do you think that you can change?
all the things you couldn't say
you've got a guardian in grey
and so many more on the way

when can i open my eyes?
“right now,” you said
and walked toward the ledge
and said “it's all in your head.
you thought the world had died
but it was all just you inside.”

someday i hope to see
that you've been speaking to me
through everything
and anything
even before i knew
you were

and ready to catch me
the edge i was tracing
i was escaping

where am i now?
Track Name: war for the sun
there's a war for the sun
one that no one wants to win
all sides would rather hide
in the shade that they're in
and it never seems to change

spinning lies with a wild empty
look in your eyes
a stare across the world
that could stop the sun's rise
did your dream slip away?
nothing stays the same

fight like you never
knew you were afraid
don't let the fire inside of you
fade away
you'll fight your own
war for the sun

so strange how you've changed
all the plans that you made
and the world looks like avarice
and death on parade
did your spirit drift away?
sleepwalking in the rain

the sun in the sky is not mine
who am i turning into?

the sun still shines on a landmine
there's a light that's just not shining through
there's a face in the mirror that's not mine
who are you turning into?

fight for the sun
Track Name: the rogue circuit
they want you to fly like a vulture
and run free like a plague
they'll teach you to swim in a culture
and die for a dream that is
vaguely yours
we're counting our charade in fours

is there something
wrong with you?
you don't look quite right
do you feel ok?
what's the look in your eyes?
what's wrong with you?

think back to the way it was before
it can never be that way again in this life
are you better off
handing your heart to a lie?
Track Name: lucidia laughs
the air was alive
i had nothing to say
the future's arrived now
and you're still the same

that's the lie that i tell myself

i just closed my eyes while
my sky died and fell
because my illusions were living well
a ghost i invited to stay in my head
was a friend for a while
while it wanted me dead

she laughs at the fears that still chase me
she would but forgot to erase me
sometimes that's what makes me completely
insane and so strangely
in love with uncertainty
Track Name: skysong
you've got better days ahead
but right now you're in the red
because you're in your head
and so
don't panic now
i know how you sometimes get
when it's time to
let something go

oh why
crazy sky?

we'll meet again when you're out this way
i wish you could but you cannot stay
they've got a home for you way up high
goodbye crazy sky